Together with IGAD alumni and students, DOKAI participated in the GGJ (Global Game Jam) 2020!

Below you can see some of the assets the team created. If you want to check out the team, see more of the game or actually download and play it, click here!


This is the catastrophic game where you drive around in a vehicle build on the fly and collide into your opponents!
The one who rebuilds and repairs the fastest and survives all hit before the time limit is up, is the one who wins!

Above you can see the final screenshot for our game!

Below you can see all the different items the team created in Houdini and Unreal! 

We started off with modeling the car procedurally in Houdini. Everything, from the famework, the tires, colourcoding and material generation is done through Houdini!
A different generator was made for types of tires. As seen in the game, there are multiple power-ups. The tires will increase speed to any car attached to!
The game made use of different add-on for the car, located on the sides, the front and back, and even the top! Houdini was used to create specific located bones that were accessible in Unreal Engine for blueprinting. Another amazing feat to see how Houdini assets can be integrated in the game!
Of course there is more to the game than the car, and while playing the screen actually consists mostly out of terrain. This would be an important step in the entire generation, as the team chose Houdini Heightfields for generating the terrain. Later on the same mesh was poly-reduced and used as collision geometry for the ground!
Apart from the basic terrain, there were multiple rocks generated and build (and even a Crag and Roberto model!) in Houdini to populate the terrain.
The terrain would be populated with multiple destructive buildings that would trigger when impacted at a high enough in-game velocity. The buildings, destruction, spritesheets using pyro and placement was done in Houdini!
When the terrain was implemented in Unreal Engine, the collision generated, the road created with another Houdini tool, the rocks and buildings placed and generated, this was the first look of the game!
Then when hitting play and seeing all the assets come together is so cool! Do you have 2 controllers and do you want to play this game for free? Click here!
The entire team enjoyed this 48-hour-game-project and we are proud of the results. Let us know what you think of how Houdini was used and send us a message!